2017 UCLA Symposium presentations

Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Quality Care in the Era of Certification and Accreditation – A Practical Approach



Jamil Aboulhosn, MD

Director, Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center, Streisand Chair in Cardiology Division of Cardiology, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics



Major Forms of Congenital Heart Disease: Importance and Challenge of Early Detection

Mark S. Sklansky, MD
Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiology James H. Nicholson Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Medical Director, UCLA Children’s Heart Center
Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA


Transition, Transfer and Life-Long Care
Leigh Christopher Reardon, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Director, Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support and Transitional Cardiac Care Program
Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center
UCLA Children’s Heart Center



The Failing Fontan- The Ultimate Challenge
Jeannette Lin, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor Division of Cardiology Department of Medicine



The Fontan Liver- A Hepatologist’s Perspective

Rob Venick, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Surgery
Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Surgical Considerations in Single Ventricle Patients
Brian Reemtsen, MD, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Director, UCLA Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Anesthesia and ICU Considerations in Single Ventricle Patients

Joseph Meltzer, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Critical Care
Chief, Critical Care Division at UCLA Medical Director, CTICU

Arrhythmia Considerations in Single Ventricle Patients

Kevin M. Shannon, MD,  Professor of Pediatric Cardiology Department of Pediatrics



ACHD Program Accreditation – What Does It Mean and What Do You Need?

Pamela Miner, RN, MN, NP
Nurse Practitioner
Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center
Division of Cardiology Department of Medicine

Lifestyle Considerations in ACHD – Exercise Quantification & Defining “Normal”
Linda Houser, NP

Health Care Reform and The Importance of Care Coordination for Successful Management of Adults with CHD
Jennifer Doliner, RN, BSN




High Risk Obstetrical Management in ACHD – A Multidisciplinary Approach
Mary M. Canobbio, RN, CNS, FAAN, FAHA


11:00 Focusing on Quality of Life: Psychosocial Obstacles and Setting Realistic Goals for Life Long Care
David Highfill, LCSW, MSW

11:15 Question and Answer Session 11:30 Lunch
Moderator: John S. Child, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASE
12:30 Keynote Speaker
Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery – The Past, the Present and the Future
Hillel Laks, MD
1:00 Transcatheter Valve Repair and Replacement in ACHD
Daniel S. Levi, MD
1:15 Hybrid Interventions in ACHD
Jamil Aboulhosn, MD
1:30 Imaging to Guide Interventions in ACHD
Jeannette Lin, MD
1:45 Organ Transplantation in ACHD
Reshma Biniwale, MD
2:00 Mechanical Support Options in ACHD

The Role of the Interventional Radiologist – From Liver Biopsies to Stent Grafts
John Moriarty, MD
2:30 Question and Answer Session

3:00 Pulmonary Hypertension in ACHD
– Medical Treatment Options and Timing of Transplantation
Rajan Saggar, MD
3:15 MRI/CTA, The Advantages and Challenges of Cross-Sectional Imaging in ACHD
Pierangelo Renella, MD
3:30 4D MRI, New Contrast Agents, Stress MRI, MRI Interventions… How Much More Can We Hope for From MRI?
J. Paul Finn, MD
3:45 From Bench to Bedside – The Importance of Basic and Translational Research in an ACHD Program
Gentian Lluri, MD, PhD
4:00 Device Therapy: From Pacemakers to Leadless ICDs – The Future of Device Therapy in ACHD
Jeremy P. Moore, MD, MS

4:15 Question and Answer Session

7:00 Continental Breakfast Moderator: Jamil Aboulhosn, MD
8:00 From Genomics to 3-D Printing in CHD: The Future is Here
Jamil Aboulhosn, MD
8:15 Illustrative Case Presentations
Presenters: Joanna Ghobrial, MD, MSc, Anne Kemble, MD, Ian Lindsay, MD, and Sanjay Sinha, MD
Panel: John S. Child, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASE, Hillel Laks, MD, Jeannette Lin, MD, Greg Perens, MD, Leigh Christopher Reardon, MD, and Kevin M. Shannon, MD
9:45 Hands-On Session (Groups with 20 minute rotation)
MRI/CTA Case Reviews
J. Paul Finn, MD and Pierangelo Renella, MD
Echocardiography Case Reviews
John S. Child, MD, FACC, FAHA,
FASE, Jeannette Lin, MD, and Gentian Lluri, MD
Gross Pathology Station
Michael C. Fishbein, MD and Gregory A. Fishbein, MD
VAD/Surgical and Interventional Work Station
Reshma Biniwale, MD, Daniel S. Levi, MD, Leigh Christopher Reardon, MD, Brian Reemtsen, MD, and
Morris M. Salem, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Pacemaker/ICD Simulations in ACHD
Jeremy Moore, MD and Kevin M. Shannon, MD
11:50 Closing Comments
Jamil Aboulhosn, MD
12:00 Brown Bag Lunch
1:00 “Developing a Better Understanding of Congenital Cardiac Anatomy
and Physiology through Art” – Collaboration between The Getty Museum and Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center




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