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Congenital Heart Disease: The Catheterization Manual

Published on: 12/08/2008 by:

Lisa Bergersen (Editor), Susan Foerster (Editor), Audrey C. Marshall (Editor), Jeffery Meadows (Editor)

bergerson foerster marshall


At A Glance
This manual provides a comprehensive overview of how the cardiac catheterization laboratory in a pediatric cardiology division works. Chapters are organized in the order in which a case progresses. Specific types of cases are discussed in detail and hemodynamics is covered in depth. Information tables and line illustrations are used throughout the text to further emphasize important concepts and information.

Pediatric congenital heart disease is the focus of this book.
This manual provides an operational overview of a pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory as well as a guide for percutaneous, catheter-based cardiac catheterization techniques. This includes hemodynamic and angiographic assessments, as well as interventions for children with congenital heart disease.
It will be of interest to students, technicians, physicians in training, and pediatric cardiologists. It may also be of interest to cardiac catheterization laboratory personnel, such as nurses and technicians, who work closely with pediatric cardiologists in the laboratory.
This book provides an excellent understanding of the hemodynamics and angiographic assessment of the congenital heart disease and is broken up into two sections; the first chapter provides basic hemodynamic assessment, precatheterization planning and postcatheterization care. Various catheters and devices used in the treatment of congenital heart disease are described. The second section provides an overview of specific cases and the chapters are organized in the order in which a case progresses. All chapters are well organized and of appropriate length. The book is nicely illustrated with numerous procedural images. References and selected articles are provided at the end of each chapter for additional reading.
Invasive assessment with cardiac catheterization remains an important tool in the assessment and management of patients with congenital heart diseases and this book does an excellent job of providing a concise outline of the hemodynamic and angiographic assessment while reviewing various procedures and techniques used to treat them.
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